The Big Dipper #mayflowers

Every time I look up at the night sky, I seek out the big dipper. Even after taking an astronomy class, and learning about different, more complex constellations, I still look for the first one I learned to see. My eyes search the skies for those few stars that my heart knows so well like a ritual question.

I feel grounded when I find it, and often catch myself in the middle of a deep sigh moments after spotting the lovely combination of stars above me. The Serbian proverb “You are made of stars” hangs in my studio, and that phrase is a helpful centering point for me.

I love the stars. I love the night sky. I love the feeling of big-ness, of beyond-ness. When I look at the stars, I feel relief at my own small-ness right alongside deep connection to the lights shinning all throughout the universe.

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