April (read LONG WINTER) showers bring May Flowers

It’s May! My favorite month of the year. My birthday month. Spring is really really here. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, things are green and alive. I do live in the PNW, so there’s still PLENTY of rain, but I even kind of like that.

As I close the 27th year of my life and enter into grand, hopeful 28 – I’m taking some intentional time to reflect, create, and celebrate. One of my hopes is to write more! So I’m introducing “May Flowers” – a hopefully everyday through May writing adventure.

I’ve been thinking about that expression, “April showers bring May flowers”, and how such a simple, sing-song phrase might be an opening to explore how the hard, desperate, character-trying, intense, dramatic, exciting, (insert many many adjectives) experiences of my 27th year are turning over into growth, new life, and possibilities.

What’s blooming in my life after a year of struggle? How are pain and grief weaving together with hope and new life? Where can I name hope and growth? What’s next?

These are some of the queries I’m sitting with for myself, often in my green chair by the windows in the morning, or rocking back and forth on the porch by our succulent fairy garden, or sitting in my room which is now FILLED with plants. I’m listening, paying attention, dreaming, wondering, wandering, opening my heart, and learning learning learning. I’ll be sharing some of my reflections here!

You’re invited to follow along 🙂

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