Day 3: Rainbow Time #31daysofTRUTH

So, I’m queer.

Like, bisexual (by which I mean I find myself having crushes on people of all genders/no genders). I came out to myself right before my birthday in May of 2015, and DAMN did that feel good. I went outside and said it out loud to myself. Then I just reveled in freedom and delight for a while.

I thought a lot about my christian upbringing and all the people who know me who might be VERY surprised to hear this news. I’ve been cautious about who I tell (expect when I travel, because I meet SO MANY FUCKING AMAZING QUEER PEOPLE), and pretty anxious about sharing this news on facebook.

I told my close friends, parents, smaller social circles, and slowly but surely have been trying to sneak my queerness into conversations with the occasional “oh, yeah and then I came out” here and there with folks.

But basically…

THIS IS AMAZING NEWS. Since coming out and meeting LGBTQIA+ folks all over, I have felt so welcomed and known and loved. I feel like I’ve finally joined a community I was always meant to be a part of.

I’m glad to be home. I’m glad to be me. Glad to be queer.

And glad to share this happy truth with you. Let the queer dance party commence.

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