Day 1: Reality Check #31daysofTRUTH

I was hoping to start off my #31daysofTRUTH adventure today with something exciting, but alas on this first day of 2017, my day is not living up to my ideal new years.

So my truth for today is that I’m ringing in the new year with Vicodin, an ice pack, and bed rest for a few days. I have either a sprained or broken rib, inflammation of my rib cage, and am in really intense pain. I’ve been to doctors, and will go ahead at some point soon to check up, but basically it has to heal on its own, at whatever pace my distressed rib desires.

Today includes a lot of things I can’t do, like open doors or drawers, bend down, lift anything, or breath too deeply.

My reality lately has been a lot about living with pain. Before the rib I had a cold/flu. Before than a stomach ulcer. Before that several months of intense pain and panic attacks. And I still have a mysterious headache every moment of every day, ranging from mildly irritating to lately more migraine level of suffering.

I’m hurting and I don’t like it. I struggle to be friends with my body when I’m feeling this level of pain. I feel tense and shaky and fragile. I struggle to know how to communicate with others from this place, or even to know how to talk about it.

My truth today also includes a heart of gratitude to the people who’ve brought me gf df pizza this week, drove me to urgent care, sent healing energy, made me food at midnight, and reassured me that this won’t last forever. Thank you ❤




  1. You’re awesome Sarah! I really can’t imagine what dealing with that kind of pain everyday is like… but I appreciate the honesty and your #31daysoftruth challenge! Have you thought about applying for a medical marijuana card?

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