31 Days of TRUTH


One of my intentions for 2017 is to be more honest with myself. Recently I’ve discovered that a huge amount of the dissonance and suffering in my life comes from not accepting myself as I am and not naming my truth to myself, and to the world. I realized that I was trying to keep this perfect image of who I was through how I look, how I dress, what I post on Facebook, what I let myself feel, what I let myself say/do/be.

Well, I’m fucking done with that shit.

2017 is going to be the year of FREEDOM for one Sarah K-D, because I’m finally ready to be honest about who I am and my reality AS IT IS NOW, not how I wish it was, or want it to be. Over the past few months of 2016 I’ve been coming right up against all my limitations, my frailty, my weakness, and my strength born out of perseverance.

Last night at 2am, after realizing that the anti-anxiety medicine I’ve been taking for a week is starting to work like a MIRACLE FROM THE UNIVERSE it came to me in a flash:

31 Days of TRUTH

For each day in January, I’m going to post a truth about myself that I’m ready to be claim and name. This may sound like a hyped up gospel revival meeting, and if you’re into that, then please by all means, read it that way. And also, as you’ll soon find out in some of my truths, I mean it a little differently  🙂 I’m giving myself freedom to post whatever truths feel right, and do that in whatever format I desire. So there might be blog posts, snarky comments, pictures, and probably a decent amount of profanity.

I’m doing this because I’m starting to believe that I don’t have to be afraid to speak my truth, to be my truth, to live my truth. What is true about me and my life is already true, whether I claim it or not.

This public naming isn’t a confession – it’s a mountaintop celebration. It’s a mantra. It’s a battle cry. It’s me saying that I’m finally ready to bring my full self to the table. I’m cutting out the bullshit. I’m ready to accept the reality of who I am. I’m ready to be free.

Want to join me?


Share your TRUTH. #31daysofTRUTH


  1. I like it. And I think I’ll like you BETTER when you let your true Sarah shine out. Even when true Sarah sounds snarky. Looking forward to meeting you!

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