Into Spring

Into Spring

Winter came
like a shroud
falling around me
as a warm blanket in the
but lingering until
everything beneath it
lost its color and
gave life over to the
cold and silence

Grief hangs
in the air
its silent particles
an ever present
reminder of
everything lost
of the darkness that
clings to our
eyes and clouds over
our efforts to
move forward
to hope for life

The aching stillness
and colorless air
seem to last too
long, to be too
much, and the
rain cries, over and

When all seems
lost, when we almost
cannot go on
the birds come back
with their songs
tiny yellow crocus
push through to the
light and color
reintroduce themselves
as old friends
until we’re dancing
our numb feet warming, and
remembering the taste
of celebration
of life
of being alive

Woken from our
slumber to a
kaleidoscope of
beginning and yellows
and blues
and periwinkle and
apple blossom

It’s hard to know
quite what to do
with the dazzling
brightness after
months of grey

Spring comes
with an invitation
to let go
of the quiet
ache we’ve held
through winter
the time of reflection
and contemplation
now gives way
to extravagance
Freedom calls on the
wind, and laughter
beckons us to
friendship again


Open like the
tiny crocus to
the sun returning
Spring has come
to us again


© Sarah Klatt-Dickerson, 2016

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