A wedding poem

A wedding poem
(written for Paul & Rebekah)
by Sarah Klatt-Dickerson

There comes a time
when your heart begins to
stir in your aching
chest and beat against
the darkness
Sparks fly like fireflies
who pull the strings
on your old
lightbulbs in the closet
Awake, awake

The music begins to
play, softly, softly
then like a shower
of stars, bright
against the night
They shine and
shine in you
until you’re dancing
Joy springs up like a
well of everlasting

Suddenly the world is not
only sadness
there exists
another force
beneath it, under it
over it, and lasting
through it:

Love opens the way
for any human
connection, for holding
hands and sharing

Love creates a space
that destruction can
never fill, where it
joins with hope and
joy, and all you see is

Love is where you can
be honest, where truth
and grace flourish together
in a wild dance of
change and expectation

Love opens the way
for everything good
and once you have it
it never runs out
Every last drop fills more
bottles, and you can
can them and bake them
and give them away

Love is the strongest
energy in this world
It changes a person
makes them a little
more whole and alive
each day

And the thing about
love is, it never dies
Once awakened in your
knowing heart, love
pops into being
with every spark and
snuggle, every laugh
and tear, every time
you care, every time you
notice another, every time
you believe it and know it

Sing now with the
stars, dance with the
life you’ve been given
let your heart free
and don’t be afraid

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