It’s been 2 years: A poem

Today marks 2 years since my grandma died. I miss her.

It’s been 2 years

I’ve been wearing her


all month

Remembering with

sighs and

tears and a smile

My grandma


It’s hard to remember

her last days

When cancer racked

her body until

she was just a wisp

Barely there in body

with spirit fading


I don’t like to think on

my final sight of her

After breath had

moved on and she lay

Stiller than I’ve ever

seen her


I think about being

a child. She made food

created a world for Christmas

Complete with a room

dedicated to wrapping

paper and presents


She knew how to

throw a party

And brought the whole

together with her

warm, magnetic self


I remember when she

got sick

And started to feel

tired and worn

She bore pain

with strong smiles


I can’t forget what she

taught me

About being me

and liking boys

About making a welcome

and never giving up


If I were able, to be like

her, an imperfect woman

Unafraid to love

boldly through a life

ordinarily lived

Strong and consistently


I hope I can carry

her persistent

constant compassion

Coupled with an honor

Of life, of love, of family


Goodbye again

but I’ll see you soon

Because I learned about

life from you

And when I live, you

can’t help but be there too


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