A Poem: An Invitation To Die

Autumn is the greatest death

Who can compare

to the leaf’s final days?

With great flourish and

beauty they die with

their neighbors

taking on fire, earth, light

copper, crimson

They know they must die

and decide to do it


Entertaining and spellbinding

the world

Drawing more vibrancy

from death than they

did from life

And then the moment


The great leap

dreams of flying

guessing games about the

world below

in a simple wisp of

air become reality

Quickly their last air

fills their veins

And do they jump?

Or let go


The first to go must feel

honored, and sad

bidding the others a

hearty goodbye as life

passes and locations


And then there are

the last

As lovers leap together

dance with new

sweetness and proximity

And grandmother’s

watch their children


The last leaves to fall

have seen the workings

of all under the light

been still through

passings, and passing


With a great sigh

and deep unknowable

calm, they find their


hold in familiar embrace

and give the wind, the

dirt, the passing days

the sing of ending

as the world will

understand it


But they fall with the seed

of everything new

Of life understood and


Of eyes so full that

rest is sweet

Carrying the knowledge

of those yet to be

born, many times from


And of all this, they

release their spirits

for little feet to kick

and wonder

To shower the ground

as they showered the


Sustaining their bit

with all the presence

the world could ask for

And in a moment

letting it all go

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