Pruning the Roses

Dan and I moved into a house a couple weeks ago, and now have a yard to take care of! I noticed before we moved in that there were a few of rose bushes pretending to be trees in the front and back yard. So after we had enough boxes unpacked to walk around, I went out with some small shears, ready to prune the roses.

I started towns the front yard bush. When I got close I realized just how overgrown it was. Some stems were 8 or 10 or even 12 feet long! I started whacking, trying to guide the plant to a happier size. I noticed that the as the leaves got further away from the ground, they turned white. Mildew.

I chopped and chopped, in awe of the reaching limbs and wandering leaves. The arms were too much for the stock and as I cut, it seemed like the bush breathed easier.

With the bush looking smaller and lighter, I moved to the back. After a couple dozen chops, I noticed that some of the leaves were a different shape. It turns out wisteria had woven itself in and around the rose bushes. It was tangled and choking some of the branches.

An hour and a half later, you could tell that the trees were indeed rosebushes, and the wisteria was VERY trimmed.

There was something about pruning the roses that was simultaneously sad and beautiful.

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