Warning: You may start singing the Lion King at the top of your lungs…

Yesterday I worked in a garden. As my husband and I walked back to our house, he spoke about how nice and comforting it was to be in the dirt. I said that I think it’s because the dirt reminds us of the circle of life (cue music), and our place in it. We were made from dust in the beginning, and return to dust when we die. There is something deeply comforting about the rhythm of life.

GardeningI feel the safest, the most satisfied, and the most content when I’m with the land. I remember that life is more than my to-do lists and my busy schedule. Suddenly I don’t care about money or time. I feel connected and rooted, which are not easy feelings to come across with so much change and hurry and moving.

When I’m with the land I just want to be and work and play. (p.s. I just remembered that this is what I’m preaching about on Sunday…)

Here’s what I’m really getting at: I don’t think I can be truly centered, rooted, connected, and content without the Earth. I need the dirt and vegetable starts and animals and trees and flowers and sunsets to teach me and help me. Then we can be rooted and connected together.

The circle of life. I don’t understand it, but I’m pretty sure it’s beautiful and intricate and stunning.


Do you feel this way when you are with the land? r

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  1. I find gardening, observing animals, and being in nature (hiking, canoeing, sitting on the beach) to be the real rest and refreshment my soul needs that I often look for in the wrong places. Thanks, Sarah.

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