I love my husband

For Christmas, my sweet husband got me all kinds of bath and spa gels, creams, crystals, and bubbles. Beyond being a really nice gift for pampering, he told me that he thought about how I carry tension in my shoulders, and how my neck often hurts. He said he got all of these different bath materials because he wanted me to be less stressed, and give me space to relax.

bubble bath

Tonight, I finally put part of my present to use. I filled up the tub, poured in the bath crystals, made especially for relaxing muscles, dimmed the lights, lit a candle, and just soaked. And to top off how wonderful he is, Dan came and sat on the toilet to read me a chapter of The Hobbit.

Right now, as my body finally feels relaxed and my heart full, I’m thankful for my husband. It’s good to have someone who knows you deeply, and loves you anyway.

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