Today I’m thankful for friends. To me, a friend someone you can laugh with. Someone who will call at 10pm and say they’re coming over. Someone who you can drink with, let loose, and be completely ridiculous with. Someone who you trust with your deepest thoughts and fears. Someone you’re not afraid to tell the truth, say when you’ve been hurt, and say that you don’t know.

friendsFriends are people you can play games with, joke with, and tell the same immature jokes over and over again (and still laugh at them). Friends are people who know your heart, and you know theirs. They’re people you can cuss around, and be unfiltered and honest. You can talk about anything and everything with them, from money to sex to alcohol to school to babies to feminism to God.

Friends are people you want to be around. People you’ll drive to the airport, because you want to. People that you go out of your way to spend time with, and always leave feeling blessed (and sometimes a little buzzed).

Friends are the people who are good for your soul.

I have amazing friends, who I love spending time with. You make my life richer and fuller. Thank you.

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