Freedom to be

In my homework reading this last week, these words from Thomas Kelly stood out to me: “But the solid kernel of community of life in God is in the center of the experience, renewing our life and courage and commitment and love” (Testament of Devotion, p. 60).

Last night I had a couple of friends-becoming-good-friends over for a fiery feminist party. We talked about anything and everything, drank wine, ate bread, and shared life together. It was comfortable. Empowering. Sacred.

I have a lot of people in my life, but it’s not very often that I can just be – exactly who I am – in community. Because the truth is, I am really weird sometimes. I do silly things, and laugh too much. I’m passionate and easily get worked up. Sometimes I say things harsher than I should, and sometimes I need more grace.

But with these new friends, I don’t have to guard myself, or make sure my words won’t “offend”. I can be who I am because they get it. They get what it’s like to feel the hurt and frustration I do. To dream and fight for something better. We have this kindred connection that brings us to the center of community in a beautiful, tipsy mess.

It’s nice just to be. To let go of trying to impress, to guard, to hide, to defend. To rest and be, with people who get it.

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  1. Thank you for putting into words the lack I have been trying to express! I am happy for you,though,that you don’t have that lack. 🙂

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