A Fiery Feminist Sort of Night

There’s something kindred and sacred about being with people who “get it”. You don’t have to hide how you feel or censor passionate outbursts. You can just be.

Last night I had a “fiery feminist party,” the second of its kind in my little apartment of hopefully many more. We had a joyous time (and not just because of the wine!), and talked about everything from politics, to church, to sex, to lifestyle contracts, to Star Wars. It was a great night.

What was so great about it was the solidarity, the unity, the feeling of being in this together. And by “this,” I mean the fight to live out our belief that women are just as equal as men. We got to share our hurts, struggles, and frustrations when others continue to treat us as “less than” because of our gender. We shared our grappling with how to live as pacifists, and reacting non-violently in an aggressive and broken world. We threw up our hands about the Apostle Paul, expressed our disgust over Todd Akin, and spoke passionately about how sometimes rules need to be changed to better reflect the heart of the law. We shared our lives together.

And today I feel rejuvenated, supported, and not alone. I can walk around knowing that those sacred, kindred moments are possible, and we can do this. Together.

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