Lessons from Creation

On this sunny Earth Day, I find myself thinking about my trip to the coast this last week for Pastor’s Conference.

Walking on the beach is one of my favorite places to connect with God. It’s one of my “thin places” where the walls between God and me get really transparent and we can converse easily and freely. Over the course of my time there last week, I was captivated by the near perfect seashells I found amongst the scattered stones and pieces of shells. I carried several around with me for a while, and was struck by the space they created within them, waiting to be filled. I imaged the water and sand that could fill them.

During our singing worship times, lyrics about being filled kept jumping out at me. I drew several pictures with various containers being filled and thought about how I desire to be a created space that God can fill.

This morning back at church, our worship focused on Acts 2, the story of Pentecost. Before we got to the sermon, we sung a lyric that went something like, “Deep into our tired living…” As the sermon began, I pulled out my colored pencils and started drawing ground, with a dip in it. I filled in the dirt, and added little sprouts of green all around. Then I filled the dip with a flame. We are spaces for the Holy Spirit to fill, and she comes right into our “tired living” and breathes life, fire, and wholeness.

Where are the places in your “tired living” that the Spirit is filling?


  1. Well said Sarah and I could not agree more – the beach is definitely a “thin place” for me as well. As for your final question: I am currently working on my own “spiritual literacy” – trying to see God in things other than the expected or assumed. It has been revitalizing me as I prepare a sermon series on becoming more “spiritually literate” in our world. It will be a challenge for some – but I think it will be worth the challenge.

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