Can I bake cookies and still be a feminist?

Yesterday I wanted to bake cookies. I put on my little apron and whisked about the kitchen until I made both mess and cookies. I enjoy the process of baking. From mixing it all together to licking the spatula to smelling the delicious scents wafting from the oven. I also like the looks people make when they taste my cookies. Surprise. Happiness. Delight.

I love baking cookies. I’m also a feminist. It works because…

Being a feminist (to me) means: 

I value all people. Women. Men. Children. Friends. Enemies.

I believe that God speaks to everyone, without regard to gender, religion or sexual orientation. (Whether we’re listening or not is where it gets complicated).

I know deep within me that no one should be considered “less than,” and I will do as much as I can to promote equality.

What this looks like in real life: 

If I notice you are not using inclusive language I may talk to you about it. (Or I may bite my tongue, depending on how fired up I am).

I will follow God’s call to ministry in my life and try to model an egalitarian outlook.

I will encourage both women and men to notice their language and how they view women, and when the reflection comes back with any thing but equality – encourage them to change.

So yes, I like to bake cookies. I am also fiercely passionate that our God sees people as equals and we should treat our fellow sisters and brothers as such. Here’s to equality, one cookie at a time.


  1. Or can I bake cookies and still be masculine? Absolutely to both questions. Being a feminist or feminine, or masculine has no connection to baking. Neither does wanting to be a stay-at-home mother and desiring to be “not in the workforce” make one less of a feminist. “Feminism” has long been given a bad image by Orthodox Feministas. Conversely, a woman who wants to work instead of stay at home should not be called a bad mom. And I don’t think anyone should think less of any man who feels the same. However, I also advocate that children need to be raised by their parents, not a nanny, babysitter or daycare. “If you’re not going to raise your kids, don’t have any.” (Ok, gonna stop now before I stray further off topic.)

    Wait, was this a rhetorical question? 🙂

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