Do you think pre-fall Adam and Eve had morning breath?

I love that minty fresh feeling after brushing my teeth. This morning as I thanked God for my toothbrush and whoever invented it, I wondered what people did before toothbrushes. Did they clean their mouths? Did they even care? Then I started thinking about Adam and Eve. What was different before “the fall”?

I’ve heard many bashing words and jokes about Adam and Eve. Some about how stupid they must have been, some using the whole incident to “prove” that women really are less than men, and some just angry that we don’t get to experience Eden.

I read part of a book for class this week that really impacted me. It was partly about Julian of Norwich, one of my favorite mystics. She’s well known for her saying, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” She lived in a time where she witnessed and experienced great suffering. During her life she wrestled with the truth that all shall be well and the reality of deep pain around her.

What I read this week took some of her thoughts from her visions and compared them to the first few chapters of Genesis. In this comparison, Adam and Eve are like children, serving and loving God. Then in their eagerness to serve they fall into a ravine (the serpent, the fruit). In consequence they receive wounds (separation from God, shame about sexuality, messed up equality, etc…) that mark humanity. Sometimes God is pictured as wrathful in response, but the author of this book writes, “Julian’s God loves with a power that is deeper than sin, that heals all wounds, a love that binds humanity to God forever”.

Wow. What love and what an amazing God!

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