The effect of a smile

Every time I look at pictures of people smiling, I can’t help but do the same. The silly curve sneaks across my face before I know what’s happening.

I recently started a “board” on Pinterest called “Smiles of life”. It’s not much. Just a small collection of people smiling. But every time I look through them or add more, I find myself smiling back. While I haven’t exactly decided why that is – a smile brings life.

When someone smiles, a genuine smile, a light comes on. Like they’ve touched on the essence of joy that can’t be contained. It shines through the cracks. Burns through the brokenness. And caresses the sadness.

The joy that comes with a smile is no ordinary joy. The kind that can be snuffed out or extinguished. It speaks of something deep inside each of us. A lasting joy that reflects the most holy of creators. And if we all took a single moment to feel it’s warm – what majesty we would witness.

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