A lesson in strength

Sometimes I get confused about the acceptable balance of strength and weakness. I want to deliberately define each strength that I have, to the point of perfection. And in those places where I’m a little shaky I want to push and endure until they’re strong too.

You see, somehow I got the idea that weakness was bad. Something negative to be avoided, or in my case, pushed through. So I force myself into corners till my body cries collapse and my mind says I’m done.

Even lions sleep. One of the most powerful creations built with strength in every inch of muscle. They get tired. They have to rest.

To let someone be strong where I am weak is a true test of grace. Of humility. Of power.

To admit that I need rest, that I need help takes every bit of strength and lets go. I hope that someday I can look at the places I am weak and not see imperfection, failure, not good enough. Perhaps it’s not bad, but just the flip side of strength. Turn the coin and there will always be weakness.

Maybe, just maybe, I will stop beating myself up for not trying hard enough in an area I was not made to excel. I’ll let go my secret jealously of those who possess what I cannot do. And in the letting go process, perhaps I’ll be able to embrace both sides of the coin.

Even lions get tired. I think it’s alright if I do too.

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