When you don’t get your way

You know those things that we all live with, sometimes avoid and generally let us down? Expectations. We want something to go one way and it goes another. We have a plan and someone deviates. We have a set course and a storm hits. We want one thing and get another. We think we want something and then find out it isn’t as great as anticipated.

http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1285311It’s frustrating to get redirected. It feels at times like maybe we didn’t know the path after all. Or perhaps we messed up. That can be quite the touchy subject.

Sometimes I consider just despairing. The attack squad hits my brain with “Well what if you just -” or “Why didn’t I -” or the worst, “If only…” After several rounds with those guys I begin to wonder, are these thoughts actually helpful?

Feeling the pain of a mistake is fine, but wallowing in the possibilities of another choice or outcome seems, dare I say it, wasteful. When my head gets lost in the land of could have been, I miss out on what is now. The new potential of the moment.

What is different. What is hard. What is beautiful. What is good. Maybe we did have it all figured out and something just went screwy somewhere along the line.

But the now, I don’t want to miss out on that.


  1. My dad’s favorite expression, and he lived it well his whole life: There’s nothing so foolish as regret. You managed to avoid the word regret in your entire post; I loved your positive swing and outcome. Thank you.

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