Dancing through life

Living is a lot like dancing. Both take movement, breathing, strength. Each is difficult, emotional, stretching. When I watch good dancing something inside me is moved. Seeing a story played out between two people using their bodies as instruments to the strummings of the heart is breathtaking. I get chills on my arms and sparks in my soul.

When I see people commit to a dance, I’m inspired to commit to life. To move. To love. To breathe each breath will feeling, passion, and rest.

Good art happens in dance when people are willing to take precision, practice and preparation and throw themselves into openness, depth and abandon.

People can dance with feeling and no talent and be good. People can dance with extreme technique and no heart and be good. But the routines that leave you stunned are the ones that combine the two: dedication and preparation with heart and soul. Whether that means flying across the stage into someone else’s arms or putting up a hand in pain, dancers communicate life.

I think there’s something we can learn about living from that.

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  1. Thanks so much for recording your thoughts for others to read. I gain so much from each one & find myself contemplating your words in relaxed quiet. I had a very rough day yesterday with a bunch of unruly little kids. You know the ones who people seem to think should be so easy because they are short. I guess I need to think about dancing & how that experience is part of building strength and skill.

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