Learning from children

There are some funny moments in the Bible where Jesus tells older more “mature” people that they need to be like children to understand the Kingdom of God. This last week I was the “artist in residence” for a children’s art camp. We spent a couple hours each day exploring a different collaging technique and being creative together. Jesus’ words about children make a little more sense after spending time with some. Here’s some things I learned:

There is no limit to creativity. Almost anything goes.

Children love freely, easily and quickly. Their hugs and smiles are priceless.

Sitting still is not always best. Sometimes you just need to move.

Anytime you need to know random facts about animals – go ask children, they know more than you think.

Their imaginations are wide and unique. The same materials and instructions do not translate to cookie-cutter art. They will make it their own!

If you give children a bunch of “junk”, they will make art with it. From cars to masks to telescopes, they’ll come up with something amazing.

I loved seeing their faces every morning overflowing with joy. Art is a language beyond rules, manners and cultural to-dos that children speak well. They should be given space to use it.

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