Stillness that sticks

Being still is allusive. If you can actually manage to find a moment to sit and just be, without fail your phone will ring, you will suddenly be flooded with thoughts of everything un-done, or you might just fall asleep.

What does it look like to truly be still? The more disciplined among us who can manage consistent times of quiet have stumbled upon the beginnings of a secret. Stillness isn’t something that you just do when you’re bored. Or when you’re exhausted, overworked body demands it.

Stillness is like dipping into clear water of peace, life, wholeness that penetrates your whole being. It doesn’t end when the noise, chores, life begins. It’s like sticky water. In the most beautiful way, little by little, we get sticky. Our frantic thoughts and schedules begin to breathe, stuck in stillness. Underneath the crowded noise is a soul bathed in quiet.

In the silent place we are free to actually listen. Our stickiness picks up the souls of others, and draws them in. Communion is a sacred moment of sticky hearts present with each other.

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