A messy life

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the messy nature of life. Black and whites become more difficult when real people and faces are involved. Education and theories sometimes get lost or stuck in translation to everyday life. People trying to be and do church together bring a lot of crap and brokenness with them and into the process. Relationships require compromise, patience, and being open.

There’s no handbook for how to live “clean,” no figuring it all out before jumping in, no way to truly live without engaging in the mess. It’s scary. It’s painful. It doesn’t make sense. It’s hard. It’s not perfect.

But it’s good.

God is in the mess. In the faces of the broken people we’re trying to love. In the sunsets and thunderstorms and flowers. In the conviction that spurs change. In faith put into action. In the love that holds us falling-apart people together in community.

Look for it. Look for the good amidst the confusion. The hope inside the gray. The courage wrapped up by fear. The love that keeps our messes held dearly to each other.

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