One Angry God

Have you ever noticed how there are some (usually) unspoken rules about how we’re supposed to behave in church buildings? For example, when within the walls there should be no cussing, incredibly rowdy behavior, fighting, outbursts of anger…I’m sure you could add some to the list.

Why? Why do we have these “rules”? Why is it that the conflict and messiness of our lives are “inappropriate” for church buildings? Perhaps we’ve been over taught balance – that we must be nice, even-keeled and loving all the time. So much so that we don’t feel comfortable being angry in church.

God gets angry.

Open up that book (you know, the one we use in church sometimes) and take a look at the prophets, people who spoke the words of God. Some of that is nasty stuff. Harsh words of judgement. To the people of God. Why? They were promoting injustice. Their worship was not backed with acts of peace, righteousness and justice to the oppressed, overlooked, and still-loved of God.

They were like snails, happily enjoying being stuck in one place. While they were there they got comfortable. Sometimes legalism set in. More often small injustices led to ripping off the poor, rejecting compassion for money, refusing to care for those God specifically instructed them to care for.

Dare I say that sometimes we are like those snails too? Dare I ask what message God would bring to the church of today? Dare I suggest that sometimes God gets angry and asks that injustice make us angry too?


  1. Your blogs are always thought provoking for me. This snail analogy spoke to me because I have felt exactly that way. It is easy to see the snail like behavior in others, but not notice the heavy house on our own backs.

    Then there are the instances when rubber meets the road. We are in a very depressed area with lots of drug use & within 3 blocks of the highest drug dealing MAX station. We have lots of homeless sleeping around our church. What to do? All nice thoughts of poor folks who just need love and a hand are out the door when one encounters most of these people. We have to search for needles and human excrement before we let kids out on the grassy areas. People high on drugs have broken windows, destroyed shrubbery, stolen things during worship services or other times when a door is left unlocked. What to do as a Christian?

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