Precious and sweet

I used to have this motto: Life is precious, life is sweet. I was so deeply impacted by the sacredness of life during and after a traumatic, life-threatening hospital stay. There is something about looking at death that makes life a much better option. In the months recovering from surgery I made a point to tell people why I appreciated them, how they made my life better, and why I was blessed to know them.

That was almost 4 years ago. Since then, every time I tell the story of my ruptured appendix and God breaking into my life I remember: life is precious. It’s worth living. It’s not to be wasted. It’s meant to be shared.

At times I come face to face with the harsh reality that life is hard. It sucks sometimes. Bad things happen for no apparent reason. Violence is done in the name peace, God, and revenge. It seems like no one is listening, or willing to work together. People die. People kill each other.

In the light of such a depressing sight, I would like to say something: life is precious, life is sweet. If you hate someone, your siblings or parents or terrorists, try to see their humanity. See how they are created in the image of God. Look at the value they have, just by being alive, by being human. Find the good buried beneath caked on layers of bitterness and hatred.

It’s not easy to see this way. It takes practice and many times of failure before our eyes naturally see value and goodness when everything around us screams hatred and revenge. Try it. And then tell them. Tell them that they’re beautiful in their brokenness. Show them that they are worthy to be loved. Convince them of their value. And maybe, just maybe they’ll start to believe you and begin to live into sacredness of life.

Life is precious, life is sweet.

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