10 ways to be radical today

I’m coming to believe that being a radical follower of Jesus is simple. Simpler than we make it out to be.

Perhaps we use the complicatedness of it as an excuse for why we haven’t dove into living out our Christianity. Don’t get me wrong, I think God sometimes calls us to do crazy, big, impossible things. But most of the time life isn’t crazy, big and impossible. It’s filled with chores, homework, relationships, jobs, coffee, trash, food, and stuff. Pretty ordinary.

What if the way we approached our every day lives reflected the values of the scandalous gospel of Jesus Christ? What would that look like? What would change?

Out of the hundreds of possible answers to those three questions, here’s a place to start:

  1. When you’re having a conversation, give that person your full attention. Don’t worry about your to-do list or try to fix them. Just listen.
  2. Whenever you go to throw something away, check to see if it’s recyclable. Then recycle.
  3. Smile at people in the grocery store.
  4. Write on someone’s facebook wall how much you appreciate them, what you love about them, or how they’ve blessed your life.
  5. Instead of buying that new shirt, go through your closet and wear something that’s been hiding for a while.
  6. Make personalized homemade cards, thinking and praying about the person as you spend time creating.
  7. Spend 20 minutes in silence. Let yourself stop and listen to your heart.
  8. Surprise someone you love. Clean the house. Pick flowers. Take them on an adventure. Spend peaceful time together.
  9. Instead of complaining at work, put yourself in your co-workers shoes for a few minutes. Say something positive.
  10. Be open and honest with the people around you. Avoid white lies, secrets, and gossip. Tell the truth, always in love.

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