The ocean’s tide

We sang a Third Day song in Church yesterday with the line, “Your justice flows, like the ocean’s tide”. When I think about God’s justice I want it to be consistent, fair, reasonable, dependable, on my side.

Those aren’t the first words I think of when you say “ocean” and “tide,” in the same sentence. I think big, powerful, uncontrollable, surprising, unreliable.

So why mix the two? How can God’s justice be compared to the ocean’s tide? How can we trust that?

What if God’s justice was like our legal system, with sin as the crime and suffering and death the punishment? By that standard, fairness would mean that we are all facing the same fate. And it’s not a pretty one.

In that mind-frame, isn’t the surprising nature of God’s justice relieving, refreshing, wonderful? Not only does God love us, but God provided a way out of the system. God replaced a legality of sin=death with grace. No longer are we bound to the ebb and flow of “reasonable” justice, we have the extravagant, powerful, uncontrollable love of God.

If that is what I’m signing up for, bring on the tide! Let’s sing that song again.

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