Laughing tears

Over the last few days I’ve laughed until I’ve cried. Several times. There is something so freeing about tears coming from joy. And stupid jokes. And tired friends.

When I get stressed sometimes I forget to laugh. The cares of the today, tomorrow and five years from now rush towards me and somehow manage to land on my shoulders without knocking me over. Barely.

Then I’ll be with friends and we’ll laugh. As we laugh I feel the stress flowing out, each peal of ridiculous laughter leaves me refreshed. Renewed. Breathing again.

Often during these times tears will gently leave my eyes and race down my face. Sometimes they come in floods.

Joy has power to release pain, anxiety, and sorrow. Laughing with friends is healing. Tears that steal away during times of joy carry with them the power of trouble.

Somewhere in the midst of sorrow and joy, laughter and tears, we find community. Wholeness. Life.

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