An artist’s heart

Today during noon prayer I an idea struck me. To pray for an outpouring of the artist heart of God.

When I look at a blank piece of paper, I don’t see a blank piece of paper. I envision a sketch that I’ll make into a dress or vest. A collage of many different pictures and color put together to form a theme. A place where I will draw out names of those I love in prayer to our Creator.

Way back in the beginning God had an empty canvas. “The earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep” (Gen. 1:2). Can you even imagine what God saw in that formless expanse? Did God envision a butterfly? The way the sky separates from the sea? Baby feet? The way people would smile when they see each other?

What would it look like if we saw the world this way? Instead of people who annoy us, canvases of God. Where there are chains, walls, limits, rules even, could there be space, freedom, possibilities, new life?

What if we began to dream in the midst of anxiety, pain, and the overwhelming feeling of being stuck? Perhaps our cages could be come mountain-tops. Our mustard seeds faith. Our smiles beginning strokes of life, breath, and fresh wind.

Indeed, may there be an outpouring of the artist heart of God, on us.

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  1. I thouroughly enjoy this prayer. I’ve been praying it similarly for sometime now…asking for opportunities to see and experience beauty, and the wit to share it so that others may witness it as well. Beauty even amidst the seemingly ugly can be the greatest.

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