That sinking sand

The beach changes every time I go. Each day the waves mold, push, and rearrange the sand. Over the last few weeks the water seems to be further and further away. As the layers of green-blue peel away, rock creations appear.

I walked along these new rocks, jumping over puddles, stopping here and there to admire or snap a photo. Some of the sand in between the rocks had absorbed so much water that with any added weight it started to sink.

The old hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand” came to mind. I sang it loud, with spurts of lyrics and a lot of doo-doo-dooing. The one line that I could remember happened to be the one that repeats over and over, “All other ground is sinking sand”.

It got me thinking about life. We are always changing, being transformed (or regressing). The layout of our lives changes slightly from day to day and quite drastically in a few months time.

Each scenery presents new beauties. Joys. Loves. Sacred moments. And each comes with unique sorrows. Heavy hearts. Uncertainty. Change.

Consistently there is sinking sand. Stress. Worry. Temptation. Another _____. Losing sight of Jesus, stepping off of the rock, leaves our feet in danger of slipping, falling, sinking.

Thankfully we worship a grace-giving God.

May our footsteps keep us standing on Christ, the solid rock.

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