Oh that’s beautiful

There’s something special about a sunset. Moments spent with friends. Shopping for wedding dresses. Card games and laughter. Writing words from the heart. Feeling God’s Presence.

These all could be described as beautiful.

What makes them beautiful? Connection with people, moments, shopping, a round of scum. Connection with God, Presence, the ocean, nature. They are all good.

It’s easy to see beauty in the good. The whole. The however fleeting glimpses of grace.

But aren’t hard things beautiful too? Times of trouble and sorrow, while painful and incredibly uncomfortable, shape our character. There is beauty there. Times of loneliness and heart ache reveal our need for God, and the people we share life with. Beautiful.

There is something quite beautiful in things broken. Like people. My favorites are the broken ones. In their falling-apart-ness they’re beautiful. Through the cracks, scars and self-inflicted barriers I see the image of God.

Now that is beautiful.

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