See me?

Few things are more precious than having a child fall asleep in your arms. Today during worship I got handed a baby who curled up in my arms and fell sound asleep. I swayed back and forth to the music (which was not quiet, by the way) and his little body moved ever so slightly with each tiny breath. My eyes closed, I thought about this glimpse of peace resting on me, in the midst of rambunctious noise.

Earlier in the morning as I pressed into Jesus I heard the question, “See me?”

I looked around the room. Some people were raising their hands, singing. Others sitting, sipping coffee, praying. Still others distracted, somewhere else. Some with pain on their faces, ache written into their eyes. The body of Christ. Jesus to the world. These people, all of them. Beautiful, broken, seeking.

Yesterday I watched the sun set over the ocean. I talked with God about community, changes, life, love, and how much I want to see Jesus.

There’s a lot of noise in life. Things to do. Places to be. Adventures to be had. Sometimes I get caught up in all the excitement. Busyness. Dreaming. Striving. When all the while, Jesus is asking, “See me?”

The body of Christ is us. We are the Jesus to the people in our lives. Just like a baby sleeping in the middle of rocking music, easily missed. Surprising. Beautiful. So is Jesus in our lives. And so are we to the world.

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