A laughing matter

About 11 years ago I lived in this little town in the flat country of Michigan. Population: less than 500. Our house was right next to the only hill in town. At the bottom of the hill was smattering of tall trees and a mostly abandoned once-upon-a-time playground. In the spring, dandelions became the new grass. From our yard all the way to the little-kid-feet trampled dragon was yellow. Vibrant yellow.

Yes, they’re weeds. And kind of annoying when trying to grow a “garden”. But this was beautiful. Hundreds of thousands of bright sunny heads. When the sun stopped at golden hour, there was no where else you could look.

And then as it always does spring passes. Gold turns to little seeds that fly away.

There are golden hours of life. Moments. No where else you could possibly look. Then they pass. And you’re stuck with all the fluffy stuff. Mess. Spreading mess. Big spreading mess. Things can look a little down.

Maybe it’s time to laugh. If you tried to pick up, collect, and manage 100,200,300 dandelion seeds, you’d be a little tired. Stressed. Worried. Burnt-out. Depressed. Feeling about ready to give up.

That’s about what it feels like in life from time to time. Try laughing. Not to negate the pain, brutality and screwed-up-ness of life. But to find the joy.

Cause you know, I bet those little dandelion seeds are smiling. Laughing. They get to do something only birds and superheros do – fly.

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