The good with the bad.

There are sweet times when I feel alive. So alive. The credits of a very good movie. In the midst of community unfolding. The middle of a coffee date, forgetting how we ever lived without each other. Looking out at a congregation of Jesus-lovers. Drafting out my newest design. Stunned by creation.

A moment later I feel my heart ache. I miss people. Times past. Failed dreams. Lost love.

There is something almost bittersweet about life. It’s takes 2 seconds to think of something broken. Something hurt. Something aching. But we are not left there.

With the bad there is always good. Like a railroad track, the good line cannot be lived without the bad one. Many memories, moments and people cross in between the two on this adventure. I am no less alive when I ache and cry than when I smile and love.

With that, there is still life to be lived. Wholeness to be pursued. People to love. Stories to share. Hope to inspire.


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