Oh God we call

When we share lives with people, something crazy happens. Their dreams, hurts, needs begin to matter. It’s like our little personal bubbles suddenly bump into other bubbles, and before we know it we have a big bubble, with a bunch of little ones in it.

This big bubble is the space for conversation, tea times, adventures, laughter. But also for the merging of hearts, togetherness of burdens, and mutual suffering.

And isn’t this how it’s supposed to be? If we think about God, somehow Father, Son and Holy Spirit, distinct but one, isn’t that an example of how we should live? One big bubble, with three little ones inside. The very nature of God is relationship.

How beautiful then it is to join our bubbles, and walk through this journey together.

Today I found many bubbles on my heart, people I’ve been sharing space with, and now feel the burdens and joys of their hearts. So I wrote their names and a few words on little pieces of paper. Candle lit and guitar in hand, I carefully laid out the mini representations of dear bubbles around me on the floor.


As I looked at each one I prayed/sang my favorite song over them:

Oh God we call
Oh God we call

From deep inside we yearn
From deep inside we yearn
From deep inside we yearn

For you
For you

Think about the people you cherish or maybe just put up with. Lift them, their joys and cares, up to our amazing relational God.

As we continue to join bubbles, let’s call together. That is after all, the best way to call.

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