Wrong chords

Tonight I picked up my semi-dusted guitar, sat on my floor, and tested my fingers to remember an old song. The chords for the verse came naturally enough. I hadn’t tuned my guitar in a while. Added some character.

I mumbled through the words. I remembered the first line.

Then I got to the chorus and the chords left me. My fingers struggled to find some combination of notes that didn’t sound like a cat singing.

I stopped and looked up the chords. But, I couldn’t find anything in that key. Nada. I didn’t want to switch keys, that’s the way I’ve always played the song. The way I like to play the song. With the easy chords. It would help if I could remember them.

When you love someone for a long time, mom, best friend, husband, sometimes you forget how to play the song. How to love and listen. Cherish their quirks. The ability to be kind gets a little flat. Memories and dreams together get filed away, lost, put somewhere else.

What do you do then? Look for new chords to an old song?

Maybe it’s time to tune up, pull out the folders, search through the mess, and find that chord sheet. The one that says “I’m gonna love you no matter what”. Then play the song. The way it was meant to be.

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