A present moment

I have a tendency to multi-think, while multi-tasking. Today I was reading my Old Testament book, drinking water, facebook chatting, thinking about a weekend retreat I’m planning, details of the future, the stories of the prophets, and trying to retain the information my eyes were hopefully capturing.

Some would call that being distracted. Or multi-tasking to the point of accomplishing nothing. True statements.

Usually during said times I find a bit of anxiety welling up within me. Spinning plates is fun, but when you get so many going at once, concentration becomes intense and complicated.

Lately I’ve tried to recognize when I get to this place. Then I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I remember the air that I’m breathing, the sensation of being alive. Instead of future possibilities, who I need to call, or my next homework assignment, I think about now. The present.

Where am I? What is beautiful about my surroundings? What do I have to be thankful for?

I focus on relaxing my shoulders and back, which upon this sudden present focus, have started to complain about all the tension.

The Shalom of God is not dependent on our busy schedules or how much we “accomplish”. There is peace to be had in this moment. This present moment.

Take a moment, and breathe. Remember that you’re alive. Loved. Full of peace.

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