I dream because…

Today was take-down Christmas/clean the entire house day, one of my least favorite days of the year. I love Christmas, and don’t like seeing it go. But more than that, I really don’t like cleaning. My mom wrote out a list and I got overwhelmed just thinking about reading it. The reward of a clean house or checking items off a list just isn’t enough motivation for me.

So I helped, more or less, for a while. With quite a bit of coaxing from mom. Then I saw the end in sight. She was getting tired, dinner was coming up, and certainly after that we could watch the 1st season of Glee I got for Christmas. I dove into the work, helped cook dinner (another not-so-favorite activity), set the table, and get whatever needed done to get to the reward.

It got me thinking about life, of course. When I don’t have a direction, dream, reward, I find it impossible to do the tasks in front of me. How easily I get frustrated, bored, distracted. It’s like running in a circle, not only do you pass the same scenery over and over, you also get sick and horribly dizzy. The beginning signs of apathy and hopelessness set in.

But when I dream, I have something to work for, a reward if you will. Suddenly the mundane tasks and ordinary happenings become the makings of life, passion, love. Instead of mustering up every ounce of motivation my little body can hold, something (or Someone) pulls me forward in a delicious devoted dance.

These dreams don’t come out of no where. Deep within you and me are ideas, passions, loves just waiting to be set free. When do you feel most alive? If you could do anything in life what would it be? Where do you want to be in 3-5 years? This next year?

So I dream because life is short. Because to go somewhere you need a direction.

What dreams hide in your heart?

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  1. I dream of not missing the beauty of ‘ordinary’ things and happenings. ‘Ordinary’ as labeled by some but deep within it’s not in my vocabulary.

    Like now, I won’t dare miss to say that I saw beauty in what you saw. Keep on seeing beautiful things!

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