Just be

Today I went to the beach. Often this is the place I pour my deepest sorrows and tears before my Creator. Today I brought instead inexplicable joy. I’m beginning to believe that as healing is a wonder, so the gift of joy to a broken desperate world is a miracle.

As I walked along in the biting wind I noticed a wooden pallet. I’ve seen it many times. Cuddled in the sand it remains, staring out at the ocean. Too far from the waves’ powerful touch, it rests.

Onward I pressed, as the ideas and possibilities within my heart bubbled up in prayer. The excitement of change. The challenge of details. The question of when.

Push and pull the wind beckoned a dance. I spun around a few times, laughing, smiling. I sat down on a log, perfect seat for the beauty in front of me.

Again came the questions. When? How? Who? As my natural impatience began to stir, I felt these calm words, “My child, just be”. Familiar words. In times of guest questions and decisions, these words have brought peace.

I’m afraid at times to “just be”. I could end up like this pallet – stuck forever in one place, slowly being buried by the sand of life. Longing to be somewhere, someone.

The beach itself however does not strive or push, but remains. Not stagnant or stuck, the wind and waves continuously mold and shape its shores. Each day it is different.

May I have the courage to be like the beach, not the pallet. Ready for the ways of God to mold and shape my life. Actively waiting and open. If that is what it is to “just be,” then I have nothing to fear.

“My child, just be.”

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