For my artist friends

There’s something special about being an artist. Not only do we get the “Oh that’s what you’re majoring in…” look, and the “That’s art?” question, but we also see the world in a different way.

Possibilities, colors, lines, imagination. With a pencil, paintbrush, guitar or needle in hand, how can the world be hopeless?

As an artist and a Christian I’ve found at times a distinct lack of creative space in church. Prayer routines, daily disciplines, and repetitive structures leave me wanting. But what is it I want?

In college I took a pottery class. My teacher told us that throwing a pot, feeling it shape and become something, is one of the most incarnational ways to pray. I’ve come to believe him.

Indeed we worship The Creator, so how beautiful is it, as made in God’s image, to create? I have some pretty crazy ideas about art. I long to see my life as a Christian and an artist be one.

Sometimes I think better with colored pencils and paper. I want to see art used as ministry. Art as prayer. Community art. Art therapy. Prophetic art.

I feel strongly called to ministry. But that doesn’t have to be divorced from my call and passion as an artist. So I dream.


I dream of a place where community, Christianity and art can live and work in harmony.

I dream of art being a vital part of Church and artists being a welcome part of the body of Christ.

I dream…

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