Christmas glimpses of Heaven

Christmas is about remembering. Life doesn’t end here. The brokenness, pain, and suffering of this world are not our destiny. Jesus came, as a little baby, grew up into a man, and nailed the filth of the world to a cross. My sin, your sin, all sin.

This is the time we remember. That day hope was born. Sometimes it seems like evil is winning, like death and darkness will prevail. But not to us. We know a secret. Jesus brought hope to the world.

Just as light passes through patches of clouds and trees, so streams of hope slip into our lives. They are brief, simple moments. But what life they speak of!

This week held new light to my aching heart.

  • Seeing a best friend graduate college, saying “I love you” and “goodbye”
  • Tearful and joyous time with precious friends
  • Waking up rested
  • The joy on faces long unseen
  • A story well-told
  • Listening to voices sing the music of the soul
  • The touch of a violin
  • Hugs from old friends
  • Quiet morning with family

Surely these are moments when heaven bursts in on our burdens lives. May our eyes always be open when they come.

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