Le ciel

Saturday evening I made the familiar drive from Newberg to Lincoln City. Hundreds of times I’ve traveled this road. I’ve sung the Lion King at the top of my lungs, talked to God, cried, nearly feel asleep, tried to sing Dreamgirls like a black woman, and been hit with inspiration on these drives. This particular ride my heart was heavy and in the middle of my rant to God about it all I was stopped by a glorious sunset. I believe I couldn’t even finish my sentence.

The sky is always there, but there are moments when I can’t look at anything else, including the road. While I don’t think God made that entire sunset just for me, I believe there was something special in there to touch my heart. It was like God saying, “I’m not leaving, I’m with you, I’m here.”

A few months ago, my friend Katie drew me a picture during a prophetic art exercise. It’s a book, that lots of people have written on. In the middle, in capital letters it says, “I AM HERE”. As I watched the jaw-dropping sky I though about this drawing. My life seems to be a mess and confusion of writing. People in all different places, leaving their mark, stories and memories in my book. Sometimes I get lost in them.

If I look at any one signature too long I forget about the most important words in the book. And the fact that I’m not the one who holds the book. Just like sometimes I get focused on the road, the rain, the car, and forget about the sky.

God holds all together. God works good. And God is always with us, sometimes in vibrance and splendor, and sometimes in the fading gray and blue.

The course of the sunset ran across the sky as I drove home. By the end it was nearly dark, but I was reminded. God’s presence is always near.


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