Christmas trees, lament, and blisters

Sunday I got my first real Christmas tree. I embarked on this journey with Cherie, Raleigh and Josh. We drove the long 1/2 mile to a small Christmas tree farm and headed to the trees with saws in hand. Since it was to go in my house they said I should pick it out. I thought they all looked good, but picked one. I insisted that I help cut it down, so after the boys got it started I sawed my three back-n-forths, got a little sawdust as proof and said they could finish…

For as long as I can remember we’ve had this little plastic tree that we put up every year. It’s limps were getting a bit limp and we had to pack it with 500 ornaments to make it resemble a tree, but it was our tree. As much as I loved the wire-y thing, I’ve always wanted a real tree.

November has now come to a close. A friend and I were reflecting on the month the other day, how it went fast, but seems like it began forever ago. At one point I turned to her and said, “November pretty much sucked”. There were amazing parts, but the overall flavor wasn’t pleasant.


It turns out life is messy. And sometimes not very much fun.

I read this book for my Old Testament class, Prayer in the Hebrew Bible by Samuel Balentine that talks about the need to include lament prayers in church. I’ve been reflecting on this quite a bit the last couple weeks. Often I lament to God. Many times on the beach God has heard all about it, whatever “it” happens to be at the time.

Since I’ve been playing around with art, and how art can communicate, bring healing, and help with processing, I decided to write a song. A lament song. A prayer.

I’m very excited about my real tree, but it doesn’t make the mess and confusion of life go away or answer all my questions. So I broke out my dusty guitar.

I have been “playing” guitar for quite some time, but it might be better put as trying for quite some time, as evidenced by the amount of dust on my guitar’s shiny red face. I sat on my bed, capo-ed, and lamented. I might show you the song sometime. It asks the question “Where have you gone?”.

What I’ve learned from these experiences: trees drink a lot of water, lamenting doesn’t necessarily make things better, and if you don’t play guitar for a long time, you will get blisters.

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