In need of a punching bag…thoughts of a grumpy soul

Some days do not invite gratitude. Expectations are left un-met and messy. People are butt-heads. I mean, just think about it. There are plenty of reasons to be grumpy:

  1. feet – I mean really
  2. plans being changed
  3. pain – hurt toe, stomach ache, throbbing head…
  4. the feeling like you wasted time
  5. people being nosey

And the list could go on…You and I could come up with hundreds of reasons to sulk, pout, throw a pity-party, and remain altogether a grouch.

Yes, this describes the majority of today.

Does God ever have grumpy days? Like in Old Testament times when the Israelites were messing up again did God ever think, “Man I really just want to punch them in the face?” Or when I go on and on about the same thing for days, weeks, months, does God want to say, “Just shut up already Sarah!” I wonder.

Now that I have expressed my distaste for this day and the many reasons it has been somewhat unpleasant, here are a few things I really am thankful for:

  1. God’s patience
  2. my family – I love them
  3. snow
  4. living at the beach
  5. thrift stores
  6. sewing
  7. scarves
  8. music – especially the sad kind
  9. the sweet potato casserole that I will eat on Thanksgiving

Before I can answer the question “What am I thankful for?” I have to think about what’s hard, makes me grumpy, and basically sucks about life. Once I’m able to express my angst to God it’s out there. The place these feelings had in my heart is then open to the goodness and mercy of my Lord.

But if I don’t get them out, they fester, and the desire to punch someone in the face becomes stronger. Because I’m a pacifist, and I actually don’t think it would be very loving to follow through with that thought, I’d like to find a way to get out my grumpiness AND be kind to the people near me.

Solution = punching bag. Preferably with bozo the clown on it. Or maybe just the freedom to tell God how it is and move on.

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  1. Great thoughts Sarah! Who hasn’t felt grumpy? Many Christians grow up with the idea they must put on their happy face until it eventually eats away at them and they snap at some innocent child or bystander because they are struggling to live authentically. I appreciate your authentic thoughts!

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